NAND Pro Box for iPhone and for IPAD

NAND Pro Box for iPhone and for IPAD

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NAND Pro – Ultimate NAND Flasher

NAND Pro for iPhone/iPad:
NAND Pro is a high speed programmer for repairing / programming / reading / upgrading iPhone and iPad NAND / ICs Chips Advanced hardware repair with NAND Pro requires you to be proficient in NAND IC removal (chip-off) from the Device logic board , once removed you can read / write / repair the NAND IC using NAND Pro hardware and software with the supports of 32 bits and 64 bits NAND ICs

Software and Hardware Protocols:
NAND Pro supports all known protocols even the unique protocols such as PPN (Perfect Page New) and NAND protocols especially for the LGA52/LGA60 Packages using 8-bits with the average transfer rate is 8-12MB/s depending on NAND Chip

iOS Functions:
NAND Pro User interface supports changing NAND and Device information

Upgrade Memory:
Moving old disk information to new disk using your device detailsSerial Number,Wi-Fi MAC ID,Bluetooth MAC ID,Region ID,Model ID,Sub-Model ID

Disk Errors:
Old and Used NAND Disk Surface might get corrupted and might need a special software touchRepair Disk Errors,NAND Flash Error,iTunes Error 9,iTunes Error 14,iTunes Error 20,All iTunes Errors NAND Problems

Accessing DATA:
You can access all the disk’s mounted on the NAND Disk and access all the BANKS separately or as wholeReading ( Full Image),Writing ( Full Image )

Smart Boot Detect:
Smart Boot Detection algorithm will let you write / extract boot information from the NANDs easily.Read Boot,Extract Boot,Write Boot.

NAND PRO BOX with NAND Pro Socket


NAND Pro Software

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